Flashcard App for Obsidian - Beta Release v0.1.2

Hey, everyone! For those that enjoy studying with flashcards, I thought about creating an app to do so.

The app automatically sync with your vault once you imported it.

Flashcards are detected by the following character sequence " :: ". Any text before these characters will be considered the flashcard’s question, the text after that as the answer.
Example : “What is the capital of France ? :: Paris”, will create a flashcard with “What is the capital of France ?” as the question, and “Paris” as the answer.

I know of Neuracache but I didnt like the design and UX of the app that much, plus the app is expensive.
That’s why I created Obsi-Flash.

In the near future I want to enhance the app so that decks can be generated from your vault folder structure, I had this need.
And provide a better integration of Obsi-Flash with Obsidian, than what Neuracache is capable of.

The app implements a variant of the SM2 Algorithm for Spaced Repetition.

I hope you like the look and feel of the app.

Obsi-Flash on the Play Store

Here is a blog post talking about Spaced Repetition :
What is Obsi-Flash and How to use it ? | Medium

It’s a really simple first version of the app, I planned to add some more functionnalities like :

  • Fill-in-the-blanks
  • Push Notifications
  • More ways of creating flashcards
  • Support for images and LaTeX
  • iOS Compatibility
  • Histogram to see your progress over the days
  • Gamification
  • Customisable SRS algorithm

Feedback appreciated.