Fix thin font rendering on Windows

I understand this may be a pure Electorn issue, but here we are.

Compare three Roboto 11 pt texts, top to bottom — Chrome, OneNote, Obsidian:


The Obsidian render is really thin and faded. It makes things hard to read and daily use for otherwise excellent product.

This isn’t specific to a font. All fonts look thin in Obsidian. The best looking font there is Comic Sans (I’m not joking) as it is thick enough to remain thick.

This also isn’t specific to font color. You can see Google’s font isn’t 100% #000000 too. (The theme in Obsidian is “Default”).

I know the issue with poor font rendering is super-common for Electron, one can find tales about “#fff” for “backgroundColor” and stuff like that to try fixing it. Though, I’m not profficient in its internals to understand how to deal with it.

Are there plans and/or advise to address the issue?


Is this happening with the default theme and with all snippets deactivated? If not, it’s an issue with your theme or one of your snippets.