Fix copy/pasted text from PDF to obsidian?

What I’m trying to do

When copying text from a PDF to obsidian, the paragraph/spacing becomes messy. I’m guessing most people have done this, and know what I’m talking about. I can fix this manually, but I’m wondering if there’s a plugin that would do this automatically. Thanks a lot - I just started using this program and it’s incredible.

The Obsidian plugin Text Format offers several commands for tasks like removing redundant spaces in selections, eliminating blank lines, replacing ligatures, and more. Achieving your desired outcome may require applying multiple commands. Alternatively, you could use Copilot or another plugin that interfaces with a language model like GTP. You can then create a tailored prompt and assign it to a specific key combination for streamlined execution. I’ve developed a prompt that works particularly well at cleaning the transcripts that are automatically produced by YouTube, which is a somewhat similar task. Hope this helps.


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