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I use Obsidian a lot for journalling. I do this by adding an entry with a heading at the top of my journal note, because I don’t want to scroll to the bottom every time.

But positioning the cursor in front of the heading in the first line on my phone is quite cumbersome.
(The add property field opens, the header hashtags appear, the paragraph collapses, … sigh)
So I have to position the cursor inside the heading and move it cautiously in front of the heading’s hashtags. Then I can type a new line.

Maybe you have an idea how to make this more convenient?

The best I can think of so far is a button above the first line of text to add a new line and position the cursor at the beginning.

A nice feature would be if I could define a template for the first line in the settings like ###{{date}}, .

There’s already a first line button. The command is “Go to first line”, and if it’s not already on the mobile toolbar then you can add it in Settings > Mobile. It doesn’t go into the properties (unless you’re in source mode) and places the cursor before the first heading indicator on the line.

You can also make a template ### {{date}} and put a couple of newlines after the text in the template now you don’t have to type them. You’ll have to trigger the template separately from moving to the first line. It may be possible with the Templater plugin to combine the actions.

It’s worth noting that there’s also a “Go to last line” command/button, which would make it equally easy (I think a little easier) to add entries to the bottom of the note if you want to.


Thanks a lot

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