FireOS/Amazon App Store support

Use case or problem

With the current crop of more premium Fire tablets from Amazon, including the Fire Max 11, there may be a case for adding Obsidian to the Amazon App Store. This would make Obsidian available to users who rely on these low-cost tablets as subsidiary productivity devices where other applications such as Microsoft 365 are already available and fully supported.

Proposed solution

Releasing an app on the Amazon App Store would require Obsidian to register as a developer, however this is free, as is submission. Amazon provides guidelines for APK generation and submission including test criteria and the below locations.

Current workaround (optional)

Obsidian and Obsidian Sync appear to work reliably on FireOS (current release) when installed via side-loading the Google Play Store.

Related feature requests (optional)

None found; apologies if I failed to find a previous request.


Very good idea. I would actually buy a Kindle just to use it for Obsidian!

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I would like to see this happen considering that Fire tablets are low-cost. I have 2 Fire tablets the first 10.1 Fire tablet I side-loaded Google Play and all the other applications needed and it caused more of a headache than I wanted to deal with. The second tablet was purchased to be able to take notes for my second brain on the go. Of course, the issue is Obsidian is not in the Amazon app store and there is no alternative for markdown notes that works for me, that Iā€™m aware of.

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Do you mind me asking where you found the apk for side loading? I have a Fire HD 8 running