Fine-tuning OpenAI API (GPT3) on your second brain (Obsidian)

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o = openai.Completion.create(
    prompt="""Artificial intelligence ->""",
(' #computing\n'
 '#knowledge \n'
 '#### Meta\n'
 '- Why imitation learning ? Because it is easy to implement, easy to '
 'understand, and therefore easy to convince people of its correctness.\n'
 '- Why not deep learning ? Because it is hard to implement, hard to '
 'understand, therefore hard to implement and convince people of its '
 "- I'm not saying deep learning is bad, it's just that imitation learning "
 'seems to be more popular in the industry.\n'
 'Imitation learning is the only way to go, until we reach human level AI, '
 'then we can just copy the human level AI and we will achieve god level AI, '
 'then we can copy the god level AI and we will achieve alien level AI, then '
 'we can copy the alien level AI and we will achieve monkey brains level AI, '
 '>I know of no faster way to corrupt a man than to let him acquire money. ~ '
 '[[Benjamin Franklin]]\n'
 '>The rich are different from you and me. They have more money. ~ [[Oscar '
 '>When a man is laid on his bed of sickness, naked, cold, hungry, and in '
 "pain, and you say to him: 'Get up and eat your meat,' he will not eat his "
 "meat; when you say to him: 'Get up and get warm,' he will not get warm; when "
 "you say to him: 'Get up and take your medicine,' he will not take his "
 'medicine; in fact, he will do anything rather than take his medicine ~ '
 '[[Benjamin Rush]]\n'
 '>Money is like manure. It may be used for good or for evil, but it is '
 'impossible to cleanse')

PS: fine-tuned on these data (50K words, with probably 25% quotes maybe)

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