Finding a Canvas... (newbie question)

Hello this is newbie question:
I ve created a canvas, it opens as “untitled”, so i rename it as “canva > test”
I play it around, i like it. then i close it.
Now I want to open it again…
I expect to find it using the Search, but when i look for “canva” i found nothing.
I can see it in the history… but when i click on it nothing happens

Screenshot 2022-12-10 at 17.34.49

I search with the file manager / finder of my Mac and there are 3.canvas file

but no way to open it.

I am missing a step… but HOW do i open those file on obsidian?

Things I have tried

  • I ve loooking into the search
  • I ve tried the command palette

What I’m trying to do

i would like to open back canvas files i previously did

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I don’t know. It doesn’t seem to work for me either yet. It’s likely a known issue. It’s brand new, and there is a lot of testing chatter on Discord right now.

For now, you just need to select it in the Files pane, or link to it in another note.

1.1.3 you can now search for it when making a new Wiki link. So you can link to the canvas in another note to get back to it. I’m sure Switcher and Search will come soon.

Stars can help.

I think this is a bug. And you can fill a bug report form.

I think this may help: Autocomplete when linking to a canvas - #2 by WhiteNoise

Thanks to all!

At the end i created a “ALL canvas” note, and linked them all.

This is what is happening:

When we rename a markdown file in Obsidian, the “Rename” dialog does not display the .md extension so we don’t need to be concerned about overriding that part of the name.

When we rename a Canvas, the .canvas extension is shown, so it’s easier to fat-finger the rename, or forget that the extension is needed.

So, overriding the . or any part of .canvas essentially causes Obsidian to hide the file in the internal file explorer. The fix is to open the vault in Windows Explorer or Finder and fix the extension on that canvas.

This isn’t a bug, since Obsidian is treating .canvas files like any other non-markdown file. But it would be nice if .canvas were hidden in rename dialogs.

Hi Roy,

I differ with your solution because, at least in my case, on the file explorer, the canva note that i’m looking for has the .canvas extension, and yet is not showing on the search results pane on Obsidian.

I’m attaching images

Screen Shot 2022-12-24 at 10.46.58 AM

that’s because the first part is only tested against markdown files.

I guess we found a improvement that needs to be made. Not exactly a bug, but certainly something to pass along to the dev team so they can make that change.

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