Find notes created or changed today

Is there a way to easily find all new notes created today, and also all existing ones that have been edited?

I use that kind of functionality in other apps as part of my shutdown routine when leaving work, as a reminder on what I’ve worked on today – and by that also what loose ends I have to write down on my todo list.

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I don’t believe there is a direct way to do this, but if you add the created date to all new notes using a template or text expander, then you can search by date. If you use a daily note with the date as the note title, then you can use the backlinks pane to review the notes created that day.

Happy to answer more questions if any of that didn’t make sense.

That’s a great Idea!

Should be fairly easy to run a script that checks last modification Date and outputs filenames to the daily note.


I’ve been thinking about making this script, too. But then I listened to a podcast featuring Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal methodology, and he cautions that the friction of manually adding these kinds of elements into a daily log can be a valuable mechanism for contemplation. So, I’mma try adding the notes I work on throughout the day to the Daily Note manually…

…but I will probably return to the automation when that habit dies off.

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