Find and Replace in v1.0.3

Things I have tried

CMD + F works to provide a “Find” bar which is now at the top of the page, but CMD + OPT + F does not work any more to give the option of replacing text within the same note.
I read here on the site that this also used to be available in the Command Pallet, but I can not find it there either.

Does anyone know how to get this to work again in Obsidian V.1.0…

What I’m trying to do

I have 1.03 and Cmd + Opt + F is the default for ‘Search & Replace in the current file’

very strange; all I would get before is the Find window with no replace under it… now it works. Thanks, but I am at a loss to know why it didn’t work for the last hour while I tried… now it does.

I found my stupid mistake! If the note is not in Edit Mode, Find+ Replace will not show up as an option.


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