Find: All, while using Live Preview

Replicate Bugs

  • While using Live Preview Mode
  • When i use the Find function to Search inside a single Note (Ctrl+F)
  • and activate “All” to find all Occurences
  • Obsidian will highlight every Occurence but deactivate my cursor


a) When i click into a part of the Note to get my Cursor back into the Text Issue1: the Occurences arent highlighted anymore.

b) When i press “tab” to get back into the note again i can move the cursor and even edit text without the Occurences losing their Highlighting

Issue2: Tables are rendered in Source mode when an Occurence is inside them.

Proposed Solutions

1: Highlight All shouldnt be deactivated when you click on something. It should be deactivated when the Search window is closed or you pressed “esc” once.

2: Tables should be rendered in Live Preview Mode insead of Source Mode when using “Search All” in Live Preview.