Finally Updated: My Beloved Atom Theme! ⚛️ 🥺

About 3 years ago I created my Atom theme for Obsidian. It was minimal, it was beautiful, and it fixed a lot of annoyances with Obsidian. For a while it was the top-downloaded theme!

Meanwhile, Obsidian was updated… a LOT. I mean, we got a whole interface redesign! The devs are fantastic! Unfortunately, I’ve done an absolutely rubbish job maintaining Atom. Many of the styles that once were “fixes” ended up breaking things instead. Honestly, I stopped using my own theme myself.

As of today I have overcome my akrasia and significantly cleaned up my theme to work well with the latest version of Obsidian. It’s not perfect but it should be monumentally better— and I’m back to being much happier with my theme than the default, or any other theme! I’ll continue working to tweak the things that can still be better.

Please let me know what I can improve! And if you’re looking for a minimal and pretty theme and gave up on Atom, perhaps give it another try.




Thank you for updating Atom; I loooove this theme!

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