Filtering notes by due date in dataview

I’m using Obsidian to organize things related to my university, everything is fine, but I’m having problems with tasks and having they show up on the dataview table that I want them to show up.

I’m not using the TASK type dayaview, I’m using a TABLE since I prefeer to have each assignment into it’s separate note, but going into my problem.

I want to have three separate dataview tables, one for assignments due today, one for due within this week, and one for anything due next week and beyond.

The “due today” is working fine, since is the simplest, but the other two aren’t working, the one for this week just shows a note if the due date is tomorrow from the current day, and the one that should be for next week and beyond shows the one that should be in the “due this week” table.

I wanted help on making this work as I wanted it to, if that’s possible, I’ll show the tables that I did so you guys can take a look and tell me what I did wrong.

Due this week

TABLE due_date, Status
FROM #Taks AND !"Templates"
WHERE due_date.week = date(now).week AND != date(now).day
WHERE Finished = false

Everything due next week and beyond

FROM #Tasks AND !"Templates"
WHERE Finished = false
WHERE due_date.week > date(now).week

For the “due_date” parameter I’m using the Date property from Obsidian itself

If someone can help it will be much appreciated

How do you declare these? Is that an inline field in the task, or a property on the page?

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