Filtering Non-Existing Files in Graph View

I have literature notes named using their appropriate cite key, e.g. @author_title_year. I link to these in other notes as needed. Sometimes I also link to non-exiiting lit notes using the cite key.

When I use the graph view I would like to filter out all links with @ in the file name. I am doing that with the regex file: /^((?!@).)*$. This will remove all notes with @ in the filename as expected. However, it does not remove non-existing notes that have @.

Does anybody have any suggestions for a search query that would also filter non-existing notes? I would have thought that the file: search operator would have also included file names for non-existing notes.



Heres a better minimal example: In the second image, I would have expected Cool Note and Awesome Note to be the only sub-nodes. Using the “Existing file only” toggle would not help since it would eliminate the two other nodes.


I would also like this. Showing non-existing files is great, but the search/filter function should apply to them as well. I have a relatively similar use case where I have files in a folder that I generally filter out of all my graphs. However, currently those non-existent files are not filtered out (but the existing files are filtered out).

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Hi I’m having the exact same problem. It would be great if non-existing notes in a graph, where searchable too. Or are they? I couldn’t find any solution.

+1 Here’s my use case (open to suggestions for workarounds):

When I create literature notes, my template creates links for each author of the paper, but I stick them in a particular folder so that I can use folder templates if I ever decide to create an author note e.g., [[Resources/Entities/Joe Bloggs]]

I have found this really useful in local graph view with degree 2 or 3, it keeps the door open to author-specific stuff down the line, and binds papers by similar authors closely in global graph. But I don’t always want to see authors because I work in very multidisciplinary research and authorship is often irrelevant, or at least confounding. I would like to be able to filter in the graph view against uncreated notes with the query -(name:/Resources\/Entities\/.*/), but it only excludes those author pages that I have decided to populate. Filtering out all nonexistant files might be a stopgap, but as I have other types of nonexistant files it’s not ideal.

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