Filtering Dataview with new Obsidian Properties

I am trying to create a dataview query that filters on Type. In the new properties it is ‘project’
However, when I pull it up in data view it has a dot in front of project. I can’t filter it effectively. I hope the image comes thorugh. How can I filter with dataview to include the dot?


That dot indicates that your type is a list of values, if I’m not mistaken. So how do you declare the type?

When working with lists, you would need to switch to contains() & co, to check for values within the list. And in some extended cases, you might also want to use filter()/map(), in combination with any() & co. Most cases though suffices with the use of something like contains(type, "Project").

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The dot isn’t part of the property. It is just a bullet list.

This worked flawlessly! Just used a the where containst(type, “Project”) and got the filter to work. In the old YAML I just remembered doing something like where type = “Project” or something, but shifted to contains and Voila!

Thank you very much Holroy.

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