Filterable Dataview Table / Change Work Mode / Filter Note List

I have a dataview table of all my open projects on my index (home) page. This list shows all of my currently active projects. I have just added a way to change the mode I am to see only related projects that I thought was pretty neat and worth a share.

TL;DR: Add a dataview (or frontmatter) field and filter the dataview table based on that.


Plugins Needed

Note: This can be set up using Frontmatter OR dataview inline fields. I will use frontmatter below but both will work.

This is the page you will work from. This is where the dataview table lives as well as the filter field.

  1. Add work_mode: Work to the frontmatter (this is what you will edit to filter the DV table)

  2. Add the dataview table (tweak to fit your use case)

     status as Status,
     dateformat(file.mtime, "yyyy-MM-dd") as "Last Modified"
     FROM #active
     WHERE !=
     WHERE status_category = this.work_mode
     SORT file.mtime desc

    The important bit is the WHERE status_category = this.work_mode, outside that, tweak this to fit your use case. As is it will pull in all notes with the #active tag that match the status_category of “Work”. Likely you’ll have zero results at this point.

Files: Project Notes

  1. Go to each of your note files and add work_mode: Work (Categorize to suit your needs).

  2. Optional steps: Add a button that uses MedaEdit to edit the frontmatter (on the index page).

This could be expanded to similar things like priority, or due date, etc.

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