Filter/sort a table

I have some dataview tables with a few hundred rows. It would be nice to do ad-hoc filtering/sorting in the reading view. I’m imagining something simple like a text box I can type in to filter, and column headers you can click on to sort. I know that I can change to source view, edit the query, and switch back to rendered mode, but it’s kind of a pain and I also keep forgetting to remove the filters when I’m done so it looks like half my data is missing until I remember what I did and change it back.

tl;dr - Tables with a text box for temporarily filtering the rows. Does such a plugin exist?

This is being discussed over on the plugin’s GitHub issues page. It is on their list for version 0.50, but you can take a look at the discussion and see if you have anything you can add there.

In the meantime, the workaround that I usually end up doing in those situations is to have a separate note/page for each different “view” that I use frequently enough. That way I’m not editing the query each time, and just flipping between pages instead. I get the appeal of what you and others have described, though.

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