Filter out forum bookmarks with a topic

I use bookmarks in two use cases here in the forum. Firstly to just tag interesting posts I’d like to answer when I get around to it, and secondly to tag posts having interesting/useful solutions which I’d like to refer back to at some time in the future. This latter category I add a topic to in the “What is the bookmark for?” field.

This post is whether I can do a bookmark search, to list all bookmarks that have such a topic, and thusly hiding all the bookmarks I just want to answer at some point.

( I just saw that there is an option to Delete the bookmark, once I reply, which might solve some of it, but I’m often on mobile, and I’m not quite sure how this option actually works. And I still got a ton of old bookmarks, where I need to do a thorough spring cleaning in, so it would still be useful to have this search going if possible )

As far as I can tell, Discourse hosts their documentation in a Discourse instance. :sob: I don’t see docs about bookmarks there but I might easily have overlooked them.

The search on the Bookmarks page seems limited.

The main forum search includes an “I bookmarked” criteria which you can combine with any of the others. I don’t know if search looks in bookmark topic text. Filtering by category might give you a decent rough cut if the 2 types of posts tend to cluster in different categories.

The categories do overlap, so the bookmarks are intermingled with b each other. All the search continues.

It did however seem like that delete once answered is useful, so it’s a few extra clicks, but that I can survive.

I’ve also noticed that my title shows as a tooltip when I hover the bookmark in the desktop browser, so that’s also helpful. It just need a lot of cleaning…

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