Filter lists by indent level

Use case or problem

When mapping out flow charts, I sometimes use indented lists, having the flow continue on for indents, and branching for new list item at same indent level. It can get a little busy sorting through a lot of the high levels.

Proposed solution

It would be cool to be able to maybe alt click the folding arrow at a certain level and for that to temporarily hide all list items at that level until an escape key is pressed.

Maybe there should be an indicator that this mode is active. And perhaps it should not remember the hidden levels when a note is closed.

Current workaround (optional)

I have used the lines between list level css adaptation in a past vault and totally forgot about it until now. Meta Post - Common CSS Hacks - #2 by lizardmenfromspace

Related feature requests (optional)

Now that I think of it, this previous topic I created is more expansive in scope but very similar. Hotkeys to fold/unfold levels below and all but current

I will post this anyways and maybe remove it later.