Filter Graphic view by links to certain nodes

Currently, Obsidian offers the feature of the local graph of a note, which displays all the notes linked to one specific note. Is it possible to extend this functionality to create a filter which displays all the notes that are linked to multiple specific notes?

The reason I would like to have such a functionality is that I mostly use hyperlinks [[…]] instead of hashtags #… to label keywords for my notes. If I use hashtags #… as keywords, I can filter notes labeled by certain keywords in the Graph view by specifying relevant tags in the Filters window. However, there are advantages of using hyperlinks instead of hashtags to label keywords. Hyperlinks create notes, in which I could add comments to the keywords, and which can be themselves linked together to create a linked map of keywords. However, by using hyperlinks as keywords, I lose the ability to filter multiple keywords in the Graph view.

If I only want to filter one keyword, I can still use the local graph functionality. For multiple keywords, my current workaround is to use both hyperlinks and hashtags for important keywords, so that I can filter these keywords in the Graph view.


Here’s my use case - I want to see my week in review in the graph view to idenify additional connections and themes. For example: Filter the graph view to show files with date modified this week and show 1-, 2-, 3-levels of connections. I expect this to help show local patterns in my thinking as I move between work topics or sources.

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