Files obsidianification (markdownification)

Use case or problem

I am using Obsidian as a file organizer. I.e. I am storing different files in Obsidian, for each file I am creating markdown file (which describes original file and contains hashtags). So with Obsidian I can easily find any information I saved previously.

So very often I am repeating the same sequence:

  1. I am adding a file to Obsidian directory tree (for example The_very_interesting_book.pdf)
  2. I create the directory with the same name as filename (i.e. The_very_interesting_book/)
  3. I move file to this directory (drag The_very_intersting_book.pdf to The_very_interesting_book/ )
  4. I create markdown file with the same name (i.e. The_very_interesting_book/
  5. I add reference to original file in this markdown file (i.e. I add to a line: [[The_very_interesting_book.pdf]]
  6. I add hashtags to markdown file

Proposed solution

Add to a file context menu “Obsidianificate” item. This item should perform items 2-5 of the list above.
This will save a lot of efforts, virtually enabling adding hashtags to any files, not only to markdown (because markdown file will be in the same directory and it will be easy to find it due to hashtags). So this will make finding the original file (The_very_interesting_book.pdf) very easy.

Current workaround (optional)

no workarounds

Related feature requests (optional)

May be this feature can be added via plugin. I am not entirely sure, if plugin API can do this and if it will be convenient.

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As a variant, obsidianification dialogue may offer for user to:

  1. Enter the name of the directory (proposing by default the name of the original file as the name of the directory)
  2. Enter the name of markdown file (proposing by default the name of the original file (but with .md extension))
  3. Determine either file should be embedded (i.e. use ![[]] syntax) or just added as a link (i.e. [[]]) syntax.
  4. Offer to enter a link text (i.e. [[The_very_interesting_book.pdf| The very interesting book]]

Ways you can save effort now:

  • The Binary File Manager community plugin automatically creates a note for each non-Markdown file.
  • The various “folder note” community plugins create and manage files that correspond to folders. At least some of them can create a folder to match an existing file.
  • I’ll mention the Auto Note Mover plugin but I don’t think it can handle your use case.