Files no longer open separate Tabs

After updating to v1.1.9, opening files does no longer open a separate Tab in Obsidian.
Instead, every newly opened file will just override the last open Tab.

Before, you could have a list of Tabs you could navigate through.

Searching the net and the forums did not yield something useful.

The Bug sections seems also to not list this as a known bug or problem to others.

Could there be an option i misklicked maybe, which disables the Tab list?

All i did was updating to the newest version, i did not change anything else.

If you are on Mac, you can do this by clicking on the file you want to open while pressing the Command ⌘ key.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m on Windows and was aware of the shortcuts for handling opening files.

But my issue is, that before, every file i opened, opened a new tab in Obsidian, while currently it just overrides the last tab, which results in always only displaying one singular tab.

Before i had a list of all opened files as tabs visible.

That’s what i want back, as currently working with different files at once is impossible like this.

So, using middle mouse to click on a note will still bring it up directly as a new tab.

Can this be changed again locally or was this an intentional change/fix with the latest update?

Like PR-C suggested, it’s Cmd on Mac, and Ctrl on Windows.

Click on a link with Ctrl, it opens a new tab. Press Ctrl-Enter when using the Open command and it opens a new tab.

Use the Ctrl-O command, and look at the bottom of the window. You’ll see a list of all the hotkeys you can use, including Ctrl-Alt-Enter to open into a new pane on the right. (Just in case you are talking about “panes” instead of “tabs”.)

What version did you update from? I don’t remember this being default behavior or even an option. If you search the whole forum (not just the bug reports category), you should find requests for the behavior you used to have.

Might you be using a plugin that broke?

That is the weird part, for me, since i used it, this was default behaviour, that’s why i was so confused after the update, because it “broke”.

The only plugin’s i use are Kanban and Calendar and the Theme Wasp.

If i remember correctly, it was v1.0.3 i updated from.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding. Are you saying that when you clicked a link, it would open in a new tab?

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