Files got deleted without my permission while using Obsidian Sync

I started using Obsidian Sync two weeks ago and I have experienced periodic file deletion. The trust on this paid feature is burning down day by day. I’d appreciate help to figure what is going on there. Otherwise, I have to switch back to Icloud.

Two patterns I have identified so far:

  1. Several excalidraw files have been deleted and they are not shown in the sync log or deletion log. So these files are not recoverable. Some of the notes are quite important to me.
  2. All the pdf books and papers got deleted periodically. Below is a screenshot. None of the deletion operations was done by me. The recoveries were done by me.

I enabled the sync setting for basically everything, pdf, image, workspace, etc. All the files are stored in my local drive (not in icloud) and no other sync app was used.

did you rename said file? Because a rename is delete+creation.

I didn’t. I didn’t even touch those files and they just mysteriously disappeared for a couple of times.

Are there types of file that haven’t disappeared?
Or sizes of file that haven’t disappeared?

It seems “simple” MD files without too many attachments were fine (or I haven’t discovered the loss yet). I do observe a correlation between the size of the file and the mysterious deletion. But those files I mentioned are larger but not unreasonable large for any modern sync system. They are usually a few mb, not kb like some simple markdowns.

Is there no trace of said files in sync history?
If there isn’t it’s likely they were never synced. Did you enable sync for all these files?

I think I understand why, for most of it.

The pdfs were deleted by the file cleaner plug-in! The plug-in cleans up unused attachments (pdf, png, etc.) not just the empty markdown files. So big warnings if you are using this plug-in.

I am still trying to figure out where my missing excalidraw files went cause they are backed by markdown and they are not empty. It could be caused by some glitch when I switched from icloud to obsidian sync. But I cannot really convince myself how.

Hi @yaan0822 I have a question. I use GitHub - ozntel/oz-clear-unused-images-obsidian: Obsidian plugin to clear the images that are not used in note files anymore to clean up unused attachments and it only runs on demand (you need to use a command)

Did you use this plugin? GitHub - Johnson0907/obsidian-file-cleaner: A file cleaner plugin for Obsidian.. And was it running in the background and causing the files to be deleted?