Files and Folders appearing in explorer but not in Obsidian

Hi all,

since my obsidian updated to version 1.5.8 yesterday, I’m not able to see my files and folders in the obsidian files-tab anymore. The files are shown correctly in the explorer and I am also able to search them or show them in the bookmarks tab (as you see in the following images). If i create a new note or folder, they will also not be shown in the files section, but they appear in the explorer.

Things I have tried

I just tried to reinstall Obsidian so far. Before my Installer version was v1.4.?, now it is v1.5.8 - but the problem is still unfixed.

If anyone has any ideas what else I could try or what could have caused the problem, I would be very grateful.

  • Saskia
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Are you using any plugins that change the file tree? “Bartender”, “Custom File Sort”, etc.

They may have not been updated yet to work with the latest Obsidian version.

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Thank you so much, that was the solution for my problem!

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