[File System] Multi-Select Folders For Deleting

Currently, you can only select one folder at a time, which means if you have many folders that must be deleted you must tediously delete them one-by-one (in app, at least.)

Use case or problem

I represent references as folders containing notes on the paper/resource, so when I want to delete multiple resources for whatever reason, I can only do it one at a time.

Another example is when you are building and testing templates that happen to generate folders. If I am testing a template and made changes, I often will have to repeatedly delete folders that it had created so I can see how it generates new folders from the updated template.

Proposed solution

Allow for standard multi-select functionality found in most directory systems, such as CTRL+Click to select multiple folders or selecting one folder followed by a SHIFT+Click of another folder to select all folders in-between.

It would also be nice, if this were implemented, to have a separate* warning dialogue box (that can be disabled) if you are trying to delete more than one folder that contains notes, just to help prevent accidental mass-deletions.

*Separate from the standard single-folder deletion confirmation prompt.

Current workaround (optional)

Right now, you can open File Explorer (windows) and delete them outside of the app, or delete them one-by-one.



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