File Recovery crashing

Note - I’m unable to edit my previous post ( and wanted to narrow down the on the File Recovery which isn’t working any longer.

I’d like to avoid deleting it. I’m unable to get any logs in the developer console. I suspect it’s a size issue and the File Recovery tool is running out of memory, but not sure.

This is what I see:

5.9G ./IndexedDB/app_obsidian.md_0.indexeddb.blob
24K ./IndexedDB/
17M ./IndexedDB/app_obsidian.md_0.indexeddb.leveldb

For me either, but I’m always using git anyhow, on mobile as well.

I just installed the git plugin. So far it hasn’t done any backup either… This said, I don’t understand why not use git “natively” for File Recovery as well vs reimplementing git on top of LevelDB.

To follow up on the File Recovery crash. It crashes after selecting the file I care about (which is large, has many changes) and works for other files. This is why I suspect it crashes with something like an out of memory error.

I don’t use that as it has memory issues on mobile.
I use ‘git’, in general. To my frontmatter I put 5 snapshots of my individual files across 2-3 repositories spanning the last 1.5 years to quickly check for any hiccups, and of course use git status and GH Desktop on linux and win. No surprises happen to me, but what you wrote about fsync in the other thread might also be interesting for the developers.

I see. The thing with either is that it would need changes synced to the actual file to catch them so the editor needs to be bulletproof. IntelliJ does a really good job blending file saving and local history and I’m convinced that’s available in the open-source code for ideas. I’d expect VSC to be equally good, but IntelliJ’s local history along with changes navigation (go to last edit location, etc.) are top notch and I wish I had the same usability in Obsidian.

what you wrote about fsync in the other thread might also be interesting for the developers.

Since it’s closed source, hard to tell, but I mixed things in the other thread since the two are unrelated and the notes on loss on quit were incorrect (I was looking across files) so my whole point aobut fsync was unwaranted in this context.

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