File recovery by number of snapshots

As far as I understand, the file recovery is based on date limit. But, Wouldn’t it be better if it based on the number of snapshots?
Let’s say:
I deleted content of my file by mistake 11 days ago.
My history length setting 10 day.
In this case I cannot access the last version of my file.
But if it depended on the number of snapshots, I could access the last version.


That’s an interesting idea! I can see how having the option to recover a file based on the number of snapshots would be helpful, especially if you have a shorter history length setting. It’s always frustrating to lose important data because of a mistake.

Well, don’t set it so low. Mine is set to 600 days. They are text files.

I agree, it could be nice to have the flexibility for both options.

But the problem with having a set number of snapshots is that notes you more frequently edit would have more data lost. Presumably those would be more important notes. Or you’d have to set your interval smaller, and have less reliable snapshots.

The easiest solution for you right now is set the days much higher.

I have the similar problems too! Some of my files are only edited in a very long cycle, like once in a month, but some are edited every day. In this case, saving by number is way better that by date