File Order: Reorder files with drag-and-drop by customizing number-prefixes in filenames

Hey, I wanted to share a plugin I recently build and which has now been approved into the list of official plugins: File Order. It allows you to reorder files and folders in your vault, and it uses number-prefixes in filenames to store this order.

This makes the order very transparent for you to use, it’s not some hidden property that is stored somewhere in a json file, but an order that is also visible in your OS’ file explorer or on github if you push your vault, or whereever else you see it. This also means that the order stays even if you remove the plugin, and you have a lot of control over it. You don’t have to use file orderings in every folder, but can opt into it only for those folders where you want it, and also at any point remove the ordering from specific folders. There are a bunch of customization options, like choosing the delimiter between number and filename, setting a minimum length for the number, or choosing a custom starting number.

I hope this plugin is helpful for some, feel free to give it a try. You can download it here.