File name from current date and content of a property

What I’m trying to do

I would like to create a template in which various properties are created manually when creating a new note using this template, the file name is composed of the current date and the content of one of the properties and is named automatically. If the file name already exists when the note will be created, then the new file name should also have an additional information like the current time stamp.

Things I have tried

my example template as a trial:

Date: "{{date: dddd [der] DD.MM.YYYY}}"
Time: "{{time:HH:mm}}"
Name of service: 

<% tp.file.rename("Do MMMM YYYY") + " Name of service") %>

In my mind it should work as follows.

  1. I create a new note using this template
  2. I fill in the property “Name of service” manually with e.g. “IT service”
  3. the filename of the note is automatically named as follows from the current date and the “Name of service” property:
  • July 10, 2024 IT service

I hope there is a way to implement this in this direction.
Many Thanks