File name bug

Steps to reproduce

I find a kind of bug when I change the name of my files. I usually put an emoj (with the hotkeys win+dot) in file name, but when I do it the sort of files doesn’t function.

Expected result

I expect to see also file with emoj at the start of the name sorted by A to Z.

Actual result

At this moment the file are sorted by date


I am using windows 11 and Android 11

works for me.

It’s weird, should I post an image?

yes, you should post a screen recording of this in the sandbox vault where you also show what file ordering you are using.

I sew that it depends on emoj that you choose

the emoji is different

Yes, I use different emoj for my files, but I want to keep the file sort like without emoji

This is not a bug. What you want is for emoji to not count at all in the list ordering. Open a feature request.

Ok, thank you