File mismatch after migration

Things I have tried

Using latest Mac OS on an M1 MBA.

Thought this was a bug, but it seems to be more of a help issue. My laptop recently imploded, now I have a new one. Obsidian appeared to be working fine but it’s become clear that some files have not transferred over to my new vault location during the migration to new machine.

Eg ‘Monthly Expenses Reporting’ is in my Time Machine backups, but not my current vault.

It’s unclear how many files have not transferred over, and I’ve done quite a bit of work in the new vault so don’t want to just revert to the backup.

What I’m trying to do

I’d love to be able to:

  1. Know exactly which files are missing from the new vault
  2. Retrieve the missing ones easily from backup

I’m tempted to drag all ‘old’ .md files to the new vault folder, and simply choose to Not Replace anything that already exists. But want to check here to make sure that won’t cause any issues inside Obsidian.

Thanks in advance.

Bumping this to give the short version: does anyone know of any reason I shouldn’t just drag all ‘old’ .md files to the new vault/sync folder, and simply choose to Not Replace anything that already exists?

Taking one more shot at bumping this. Haven’t been able to find help resources for this type of issue. Thanks in advance!

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