File linking automatic alias shortening

I use obsidian for my labnotebook. I write day to day what experiment was done and what samples were created. Often I link back to previous samples made.
My files are stored in year, month day, followed by description.

[[2024-04-04 Thu Fresh dsL and dsR]]
2024-04-04 Thu Fresh dsL and dsR

This works great however I do not really need the long file names when I refer to them, so I use aliases (especially in tables).

[[2024-04-04 Thu Fresh dsL and dsR|2024-04-04]]

However when writing out a dozen or so samples used adding these aliases is a bit irritating. Optimally I would prefer a way to implement a system where if alias is in table with header ‘Date’ shorten alias to only date.

Alternative a system where writing just date as alias creates the shortened date.

[[2024-04-04 Thu Fresh dsL and dsR|date]]

As far as my knowledge of CSS goes this is not possible with just CSS. I think jquery or java could do it. But my knowledge is of those is a bit limited that I do not know where I would implement a hook for this.

If anyone has a suggestion how I could achieve this that would be great. (Just giving advice on how this could be implemented should be enough for me to be able to figure it out).

Kind regards

I might be misunderstanding or missing something, but I believe if you set the date itself as an alias in the frontmatter (Properties), when you link you can just type the alias name and select it from the drop-down list, and it’ll add the |<alias-name> bit automatically. since the notes begin with the date however, the aliases may not be at the top before the filename itself, but I still prefer it to typing the whole alias out myself haha

there might also be a way to do this with a Templaterjs regex script but if you go that route, it would honestly just be easier to use Templater to auto-fill the date in the alias of a lab note template for you, I think.