File Explorer tab stick out

Obsidian File Explorer, Star, and Search used to be inside left pane and I don’t know what I did, but now it sticks out at the App’s status bar.

Things I have tried

Cick, drag, and drop and try to rearrange it…

What I’m trying to do

Get those three icons back in the left pane

Either change themes or add this CSS snippet
you can also use flex-start instead of left

.nav-buttons-container, .view-actions, .workspace-tab-header-inner, .side-dock-settings, .side-dock-actions {
    justify-content: left;

Thanks for helping!
Where to add this snippet though?

create a css file with it and add it to your <vault>\.obsidian\snippets folder.
afterwards go to settings>Appearance and down in the snippets section you should have a toggle switch matching the css file name.

Thank you so much.

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