File Explorer - Node Expansion Issues

When I expand the file node, I seem to be having problems because the icon changes but the files or notes don’t show up in the list.
Obsidian Bug

I can only see the right listing if I click again.


Uncertain whether it’s just me

Looks like you have at least one plugin affecting the File Explorer (I see the 1 and 6 in the right margin which isn’t normally there). It’s likely that those plugins haven’t been updated for v0.15 of Obsidian yet. We made changes to the internal structure of the File Explorer, so any plugins that are tampering with it will need to make changes on their end. If you figure out what plugin is causing the issue, I suggest filing an issue on their github page if you’re willing.

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I disabled all plugins and it seems to be working. Thank you!

I will enable one plugin at a time to isolate.


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