File explorer: Clickble alphabet scrollbar (A-Z or equivalent for other writing systems) for quick scrolling in root folder

Use case or problem

Some people use no folders, saving everything to root. I've just started experimenting with this, using a rigid file naming system to impose some semblance of organization, and I'm rather enjoying this. However, for large vaults, this means a lot of scrolling when not using other means to find a file (Quick Switcher, various searches, note-to-note navigation (note hopping)).

Proposed solution

This problem could be mitigated by adding clickable letters next to files—I think ideal placement would be on the left, with a space separating the letters from the file names. An example is the iOS contacts app:

Current workaround (optional)

  • Use folders (but for large vaults, this feature could still be useful)
  • Use other means of finding files, such as search