File Explorer: Allow folder selection on click

I have feature request that please allow folder selections currently when you click on folder its not selected that’s why when you click new note button then note is created outside folders.

so on folder click it should be selected so that when new Note button is clicked it create note inside this folder, currently you have to right click and then select new note, which is long not good way.

Another request i have that when new note is created in folder it should come up on top of the list of notes in that folder, currently when new note is created through right click then its appended it end of the list , so good luck with it if you have 50 notes in folder. so better new notes should appear on top of the list in folder.


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See Allow folders Selection

Also you can change the sort criteria of folders

the link you shared not working?

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one another major thing missing in Obsidian is on close exit to tray feature, i came from Jopin where when we would close Jpoin it would minimize to system tray. but Obsidian fully exit and new to be lunched. the taskbar is important when you working with a lot of windows so keeping Obsidian minimize to system tray is good because you not need always Obsidian

In SettingsFiles & LinksDefault location for new notes
There is an option for creating a note in the same folder as the current file.

Moreover, the two arrows at the top of the file panel allow for changing the sort order.

ok thanks the sorting issue is solved. however the other one

In SettingsFiles & LinksDefault location for new notes

i have change the settings

its doing nothing

Do you have a file open when creating a new note? The note will be placed in the root of your vault if not.

oh i see so you mean i have to open a note with in folder and then when i create new notes it will be in that folder. ok that trick work . OK

but i wish Obsidian start acting a little mature and make thing simple and clear like other open source projects like Joplin. Users should be allowed to select folder , like click on folder should make it select and also minimize to try on exit etc. Joplin is great but their make down editor is not great i wish they improve it

Oops, correct link: Allow new notes to be added to "currently selected folder" - #3 by ObsidianOverlord9000

+1 for selecting folders, which would solve the:

  1. Not being able to directly create a new note in empty folders
  2. Not being able to delete folders with the keyboard
  3. Not being able to select multiple folders that may not have notes in them.
  4. Not being able to create folders within folders using the top menu or hotkeys.
  5. I am sure there is more stuff.

Is there a reason folders shouldn’t work like we are used to in the OS?

It seems that folders only “exist” through notes, and that you can’t do much with them until/unless you put notes in them.

I’m confused by this.

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you can select a folder (or multiples), use alt-click.

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Ok, deleting works…

so now we are just missing the “Create new folder within folder” /

“create new note within folder” by having the folder selected and then using the top buttons or a hotkey?

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