File elements in sidebar extend too far to the left when hovered

I am trying to figure out why my file “buttons” look like this:


Instead of this:


There seems to be some unnecessary padding on the left. According to inspect element, it is caused by an inline CSS style padding-left: 40px !important; about which I have no idea how it got there, therefore I don’t know how to remove.

Does this seem similar? …something else?

It does seem familiar, I have the same problem, but my main issue is that I would not be able to resolve it with a mere CSS snippet, as the unnecessary space is defined by inline CSS that always takes precedence, therefore I cannot override it.

The indentation shows the hierarchy — that those files are inside the folder. Most file browsers do the same thing. (It’s also similar to how the Outline shows different heading levels and to when you write a sub list in a note). I don’t know how to override it but I suspect it’s possible.

I’m not talking about the indentation, I’m talking about the hover/active state reaching the side when it shouldn’t. (It doesn’t look intended)

I see. That was unclear to me because the second screenshot shows unindented files.