File:///blablabla doesn't open in preview mode but only in edit mode

Catalina - 0.7.3

Remote link works in edit mode (CMDD+Click opens the file) but doesn’t work in preview mode :frowning:

Hi, did you mean to file a bug report? Thanks.

why don’t you put that in a standard markdown link [linkname](linkurl)

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@WhiteNoise perchè sono un belinone :upside_down_face:
for English Speakers (a little more polite) : because I am very markdown illiterate!
Your suggestion works like a charm!!!
@Silver I don’t know if it’s a bug or it’s my fault.
A side question if you don’t mind: can (how do) I make relative links so that the link is preserved even if I change the path of the file?
In the example above what should i write in the note to get a relative link? Pleaseee ELI5
Grazie :grinning:

Relative links are just that - relative. If the file is outside your vault I would suggest you use a full absolute link.

That being said, if the file is inside the vault Obsidian is good at finding the file without a path as long as the file name is unique.