Figuring out German keyboard

Figuring out German Keyboard😭

I want to figure out the first hot keys and keyboard thingies for markdown in Obsidian for a German windows keyboard.
For example:
I wanted to change how the link appears, but not the link itself. And Nicole van der Hoeven in her video of “Obsidian for non coders” used the I sign, that is not a big i.
I can not find it! And believe me I googled.

Things I have tried

I tried everything I can with my illiterate mind that already struggles to remember two hot keys. But by this time I figured out the way I google is probably also not precise enough, bcs I get results that do not answer my keyboard questions.

I’ll post my keyboard from my hp flip laptop and maybe there is a kind fellow German that sends me a list of strg-fixed, germanised Obsidian keyboard instructions.

Maybe you have such a list anyways, bcs you created it for yourself in the beginning. But even if not a whole big list but one or two keyboard thingies, I’ll appreciate it a lot❤️

I’m angry crying here and questioning if I really am that young and already behind on so much tech basics.

So here is the general german keyboard layout, as shown on Wikipedia:

It indicates that the pipe character, |, is located on the same key as the angular brackets, < & >, so in your image that key is located right of the AltGr, so try pressing AltGr + <.

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Thanks holroy
Super-duper cool! I figured that one out thanks to you

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