Fetching data from the Internet

Hi community

I have now been using Obsidian for a few months and it is growing on me to become a ‘second brain’. I am using it for personal projects, data library and more and was looking to use it for travels as well.

I am looking forward to the Itineray plugin (not available on mobile for the time being, it seems. I would also love to see a plugin able to fetch basic data from the internet such as phone number, address, maybe customer/traveller ratings from the internet (google, tripadvisor, else) to not have to input such ‘staples’ data manually, associated with a key (hotel/shop/restaurant/company name or URL).

I guess this would require the ability to use API.

Use cases could be aplenty: repo of local recommendations, travel planning/blogging, feature as part of a MD CRM (i could see discussions on using Obsidian as a CRM).

It’d be great to see such a data population plugin. Happy to hear if it is already achievable with current plugins. I have not been able to find thus far.


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