Features on a vertical monitor: Clicking to open at the bottom; Palette position

I like using Obsidian in a vertical-displayed monitor(9:16, I don’t know how many people do the same with me), and there are some problems that come along with this:

  1. The new pane is set to open on the right side by default when ctrl+clicking on a link. But I need it to be open it at the bottom most of the time.
  2. The Quick switcher and Command palette are shown at the top of the window. It is really a long way to move the mouse to the palette when I was focusing on the bottom half of the window.

Here are my suggestions on this issues for your reference:

  1. Hold ctrl and click to open on the right side, and hold shift and click to open at the bottom.
  2. Display the palette in a fixed scale position, say 1/4, rather than set to a fixed pixel position.

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@spark just a thought, consider maybe rephrasing the title to what the feature would actually be (to make it easier to search), e.g. “Add option to customize default split of new pane”

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Yeah, you are right and maybe I should divide this topic into two.

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@spark @verma are any of you experiencing tearing when scrolling? I can see this on long notes and on the plugin settings.

I don’t really get what you mean. But I don’t feel anything strange while scrolling.