[Feature] WebDAV sync


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.xx

It would be great fig you add WebDAV sync support. 2 requests of the feature were mentioned here

WebDAV is frequently used by those, who have private cloud based on Synology NAS,
Nextcloud and other.

My case:
I store some additional information in my Zettelcasten, including different videos. For example I added autodownload of some YouTube videos as soon as it appear in specified playlists and store it one of the folders of the vault. Thus my vault size is about 500GB and quickly grows. I keep it on my cloud, built on top of Synology NAS. Now I use 1Writer to access it (using WebDav). I’d like to keep my notes there because of 2 reasons:

  • I want to keep my notes on my own local server
  • I Don’t want to buy 500+GB of someone else’s cloud storage

Expected behaviour of the feature:

  1. WebDAV becomes additional option of sync
  2. Connection is encrypted
  3. Heavy files like videos are not downloaded unless user asks to do it (for example opens note in preview mode and clicks an embedded link of the heavy file)

For me WebDAV is the best option of sync, hope you add it.


This is possible using third party apps that can synchronize local folders to WebDAV. I don’t have a setup myself, but here’s an example from a quick google: WebDAV on iOS | autorouter wiki Apparently this has since been updated to only work with its sandboxed folder as well, due to iOS sandboxing issues.

Let me know if you find one that works! I’m happy to add it to our help docs.

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