Feature to go back from any settings submenu to main settings menu with Android system function of going back

Currently, going back from any settings submenu with finger slide from sides of the screen (or using “back” button on 3 buttons set as tested too) on Android app sends back completely from settings to the main app screen, while it would be so much intuitive and comfortable if it send back to the main settings menu from submenu. Right now I need to push the back button in the left corner of the screen to go back to the main settings menu from submenu, which is pretty uncomfortable when you use settings a lot.


+1 to this issue. It’s quite inconvenient to navigate settings at the moment on Android. Is there a work around for this?

+1 just started using obsidian and this was bothersome

Super annoying when you are discovering new plugins and changing settings.

Obsidian is a breath of fresh air in terms of affordance. Everything I want to do works exactly as I expect it to…except for the android “previous” button. It trips me up any time I use it, which is several times a minute.