[Feature] Themed icons for Android 13

Use case or problem

Obsidian was one of the few apps to have a themed icon when I was on Android 12.

It however doesn’t appear to have a themed icon after upgrading to Android 13.

Proposed solution

It’s possible that Android 13 requires a different implementation for themed icons.

Here is Tasks’ implementation for the same:
Monochrome icons

After this, they have a working themed icon in Android 13, as seen in the screenshot above.


We didn’t do anything to support themed icons in Android 12 nor did anything for Android 13.

Would it be possible to do though?

Is this the right way to go about making a feature request or are those tracked somewhere else?

So, from the looks of it, all we would need is adding <monochrome android:drawable="@mipmap/ic_launcher_foreground"/> in ic_launcher.xml?

Can someone more experienced in Android development confirm?

Im also interested in this, as obsidian is one of the apps where i am missing said themed icon. Is this somehow possible?

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+1 for themed icon support.


Use case or problem

The android app icon doesn’t adapt to the android system.

Proposed solution

Implement an adaptive, monochrome version of the app icon, so that Android is able to theme it (mock-up shown below).

Guide for Implementing:


This has a 16px stroke on three of the elements. I don’t have the skills to make those strokes transparent, but this could form a suggestion for the monochrome design:


Here is an example of how Android 13 would theme the monochrome version of the icon:

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Came here to request this feature and found that someone has already done so. Hopefully this makes it into the next update.

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I’d also love this feature to be implemented

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Really want this, Joplin has it but obsidian doesn’t, makes it jarring on my home screen. It will live on the third home page with my other misfit apps for now.

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Is this working now with the new icon/icon picker?