[Feature] Shortcut or gesture for the quick switcher


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.0

It would be great to have a shortcut or gesture to easily open the quick switcher without having to go through 2-3 levels of menus.

Finding past notes is a big part of my obsidian workflow. I currently have a shortcut on the mobile ribbon in edit view but I don’t want to have to go to edit mode to open the quick switcher. They’re unrelated.

Some people have remapped the swipe down gesture and replaced the command palette with the quick switcher but I don’t want to lose the current easy access to that either. I used both of them pretty regularly.



I feel you. I had the same frustration.

Have you tried poking the quick switcher icon in the left sidebar?

That makes it a slide and a poke.

You can also pin the command at the top of the Command Palette. Still a slide and a poke, but that might be more comfortable.


You can also add any command in the command palette—including the quick switcher—to the keyboard bar.

I was thinking it’d be great if we could configure two different actions depending on which top corner we swipe down on, similar to the newer iPhones’ status bar that pulls either the notification center or the control center; where you can open the command palette by swiping down the top-right corner and the quick switcher from the top-left corner for example, with this being configurable of course, as I’ve said.

Idk how convenient or inconvenient this would be though compared to other solutions, also don’t know how doable this is to implement.

Should this be a separate feature request?


Came here to say this. Since you already did, just adding my +1 :wink:
Maybe two finger downswipe could also be the second trigger, and less prone to pull the iOS control center?


+1 dunno why this isn’t a thing

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