Feature Request: Specify Snippets Folder (for Mobile)

Use case or problem

I use a separate .obsidian-mobile folder for my ipad and iphone, and .obsidian folder for my PC and laptop. I’ve started a small library of CSS snippets and they currently only work on desktop because they live in .obsidian/snippets/mysnippets.css. It appears my only option to get these to work on mobile is to make a duplicate of that file for where it is expected on mobile (.obsidian-mobile/snippets/* in my case).

I don’t think a symbolic link would be a viable solution because I version my notes using git and it is tricky to manage that across all my platforms with symbolic links, so I avoid them.

Proposed solution

Add an option to override the default snippets path, per vault I would imagine. Why not allow it to be anywhere on the filesystem, would be nice for testing things.

Current workaround (optional)

Manually copy my snippets css files to the mobile folder.

Thanks for your time!