Feature Request: Side-By-Side Tabs

Use case or problem

Obsidian 1.0, with tabbed view, is sort of opening too many tabs. I haven’t found a way to make it work well. I typically end up having many tabs open. Closing them requires clickin on the X for each one. So here’s a little feature request:

Proposed solution

  • Add a context menu item to the tabs to close all (optionally: close all others, close to the right). Sample as in Eclipse or Chrome.
  • Add (or explain) an easy way to open a new file next to the current file in tabbed view. An easy solution would be to have a keyboard shortcut (like hold down option key). SublimeText 3 does it well: You can see tabs side by side if you just option-click on more than one tab, and their order (what’s left, what’s right etc.) just follows the order the tabs currently have



Both things are possible already.

Read the release notes.

Thanks. Where specifically would that be?


Thank you!

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