Feature Request: Search linked attachments

I would like to search “searchable” PDFs that are linked to a note. Currently, there is no way of combining a tag search, which can only get a hit in the parent markdown document, with a PDF content search, which can only get a hit in the attached (linked) PDF.

Use case

This capability would enable a search such as “#myTag pdfText” to find results where this is not possible today, i.e. it is not possible currently to satisfy both search terms at the same time, so this type of search comes back empty. You can search for “myTag” and get hits, or pdfText and possibly get hits, but never both. Enabling search of linked attachments would make this type of search possible.

Proposed solution

Two ways to implement this I would think: 1) do it by default, 2) only enable the linked attachment search via specific search syntax

Current workaround (optional)

I cannot come up with any workarounds currently. This is why I’m requesting the feature.