Feature request : plugin to transform a certain syntax to tabs within a page

I have an idea for a plugin that would transform a certain syntax (for example a H6 header) to a tab within the page. So not at the top. Multiple H6 header after each-other should be presented as multiple tabs next to each-other.

This is somewhat like Google does on this page.

A screenshot from that page …

So there is first some text and then the tabs come into play.

I am not exactly sure how to end the the definition of tabs and when to continue with regular text but that might be possible with a specific syntax.

How would I use this plugin if realized.

I would for instance use it in my daily page with different tabs for:

  • Planned for today (with my task for that day)
  • Meeting notes (notes about the different meetings I have)
  • Phone notes (notes about all phone calls I had today)
  • My day (personal notes about how my day went)

This would keep the daily note very compact with a lot of information just 1 click away.

A second use case would be when ever you want to make a distinction between certain choices, options, opinians, or whatever.

Lets say you write about the latest 3 winners of the Euro Song Festival you could use tabs. It is a different kind of presentation / grouping of data.

The use case Google has in their documentation is also great. To explain something in different programming languages or explain the meaning of a word in different context. All possible use cases.

Let me know what you think about this proposal.



I really like this idea. For my daily notes I would love for my h1’s to appear as separate tabs within the page. Great thinking.

Thirding this. I’m moving over from TiddlyWiki which has a <> macro that makes this pretty trivial and I’m moving over from that and I’d prefer to keep my data structured the same way.


I use it in a lot of places to keep the need from browsing and page length down. The way it works in TiddlyWiki is by transcluding the results from a list of pages or a search so tie-ins with dataview queries would be nice.