Feature request for ‘Link to a block in a note’ within Canvas

Please implement the ability to enter ^block-ref in a Canvas card, which would then allow navigation to the corresponding location in other files via [[abcd.canvas#^block-ref]]. The current plugins with similar functionality are:

  1. Obsidian Canvas Block Reference which can only link to the card, but not to a specific location. GitHub - Quorafind/Obsidian-Canvas-Block-Reference: A plugin allows you to refer card or group in canvas, and then click to jump.
  2. Obsidian Canvas2Document which can convert cards in the canvas into md files, but does not allow for reverse editing." GitHub - slnsys/obsidian-canvas2document: Plugin for Obsidian to convert a complete Canvas to a long form document

Finally, very grateful for your software, and thank you for all the help you have provided over time.