Feature request: Customize taskbar icon per vault

I open multiple vaults with Obsidian on the same computer. When I look at these running instances of Obsidian in the taskbar, it’s difficult to tell them apart, especially since the (usually long) name of the current note appears before the vault name.

If I could set a different taskbar icon per vault, it’ll be very easy and convenient for me to visually understand which vault is open in which instance.

What do you think?



There is the Accent Color option in Appearance section of Obsidian Settings. It would be nice, if this Color used to Obsidian icon in all places, where it appears, including taskbar. (Let the icon itself remain the same, only its color changes).

Since Accent Color is per-vault setting, this will satisfy your request.

I tried the Accent Color now and it’s nice, thank you. I do still want the taskbar color to change as well, either according to that accent color or by setting a custom icon.

Yes, this would be highly useful when you have multiple vaults open. The “Accent Color option in Appearance section” (@Andr) does NOT change anything in the taskbar for me.

Different icons would be optimal, but a maybe easier to implement change would be to have an option to display the vault name first in the taskbar instead of the current note’s name.